Tuesday July 22 2014
A Hot Week

It has been a very hot week here in Johnson Canyon. The heat wave that hit the Southwest gave us a week of triple digit temperatures, and four days where it got up to 115°F (46.1°C). We turned on the sprinklers for the wildlife, and it was greatly appreciated.

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The weather was not the only heat we got this week. There was also a small, brush fire on the other side of the canyon.

With the weather so dry, fires are a major worry. After spotting the smoke, I quickly called 911, and found out that it had already been reported. A few minutes later, Fire Fighters showed up in a helicopter, and began flying back and forth between the fire and a local pond, where they took on water to dump on the fire.

They quickly had the fire put out, but some of them spent the night in the canyon, just to be certain that it did not start back up again.

On a personal note, my brother Gary got a kidney transplant this week. He has polycystic kidney disease, and has been on dialysis for quite some time. He got a call this weekend that a kidney was available, and that it was a perfect match for him. The surgery went well, and he is now recovering, thanks to someone who checked the organ donor box on his drivers license. If you are not an organ donor, please consider it. If you are an organ donor, thank you.

That was a beautiful video!

That was a beautiful video! The ending was perfect! When I was in California it got up to,like, a hundred and twelve degrees! I was incredibly hot.


The bird Waved at the end! lol

so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG that is soooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Brother

Thank you for sharing about your brother. My family will keep him and his recovery in prayer. I like your videos! They make learning science fun.

Your brother

I take it that's his photo with the fire in his hand?
.... can't tell if he looks like you because of all the beard! lol! Yours that is!

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