Friday July 25 2014
Lightning at the Beach

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Last night there was an incredible lightning storm just north of St. Augustine. We noticed the flashes, and once we saw that it was far enough away to be safe, I grabbed the camera found a good spot. The storm was too far away for any thunder, and I did not think you would get much out of Nancy and I oohing and aaaahhhing, so I tried to put it to music. Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.


I think that was awesome

Sweet beats

Sweet beats man it is off the hook. I should change my ring tone to it that's if I had a phone LOL!!!!


that was..............AWESOME

florida rocks i live in 3

florida rocks i live in 3 counties brevard orlando miami

haha i live in florida we get

haha i live in florida we get alot of that east coast

haha i live in florida we get

haha i live in florida we get alot of that east coast

wow it was neat lighting

it can be hard sometimes to see lighting so it is great that you share it with other people


it won't work

It's not working

It's not working on my browser. I'm using Mozilla Firefox.


Won't work with me, either.

thanks for share Lightning at

thanks for share Lightning at the Beach
gambar lucu

I like the music and the lightning

I like the music its epic



Love the video

Lucky you've been able to record it :-)

Albania beaches

thats a great

thats a great article on Lightning at the Beach.


cool video

Great advice

Thanks for the great advice. I will check back again to read all the comments.

lighting at the beach

love it


this is a cool video awesome track whats it called?


that is really cool

the viedo


sweat nice sound

sweat nice sound

lighting at the beach

thats my jam right there. That is lighting that i have never seen before!!!


I love it!

What song is this?

What song is this? I love it!

What song is this?

It is one of the songs that is included with my editing software. I like it too, and thought that it worked very well with the lightning.

Yo this video is off the

Yo this video is off the chang i love the beat to it and the video of the lighting who ever u r u have a GOOD TASTE IN MUSIC holla at your gurl when read this!!!!!!!!!!

Lighting at beach

awesome beat rock nice


i love it
so coooool


I love the video!!!!
it's awesome.



I know right!!!


that video is really cool! I love the music!!!

- M.J.A

in synch

Great video editing & music synch! Loved it.

RE: What are Fulgurites

You can learn about them in this video:


This should make for some good fulgurite hunting the next day.

Thanks for teaching me that word, by the way!


What are Fulgurites

Hi what are Fulgurites?


Fulgurites are hard parts of sand made by lightning.

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