Wednesday July 23 2014
Science Photo of the Day #838

Science photo 838

I took this photo this morning (10:27 AM) while making the hike to the mailbox. What direction was I facing?

See the answer.


You were obviously facing forward! says Kas, age 6.


You were facing south! I can tell because the sun rises in the east and I could see the shadows of the trees were facing you.


The shadows are opposite the sun, so the east (where the sun rises) Is to your left, showing that you were facing south.


Judging by the way the shadows are cast, I think you are facing south


were you facing south?

direction photo

Mrs. McGuire's class actually stood up, and we pretended we were you- and discovered by looking at the shadows on the trees - we believe you are facing south.

hike to mailbox

Based on the time of day and the shadows, the sun is to your east. So you are facing south.


I think you are facing east.



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