Wednesday July 23 2014
Science Photo of the Day #841

Science photo 841

Nancy found this spider today, and I thought at first glance that it might be a Hobo spider. What is special about Hobo spiders?

See the answer.

hobo spider

What is special is the following myths are circulating about them: they are aggressive, they are house spiders, and their bite will cause necrotic (cell injury=dead skin) lesions. What is special about the Hobo Spider is that it has taught us the importance of thinking scientifically -- the importance of being a skeptic. :)


I do not think its bite can kill. We sometimes see them in our garage in the summer. They do like to live in clutter because they can hide. Other than that I do not know any thing on Hobos except they are creepy.

It looks

It looks like a wolf or water spider to me.

hobo spider

it is Poisonous and migrated from europe all the to seattle

Hobo spiders

Maybe it hitches a ride on things?

hobo spider

What is special about the Hobo spiders is that when they bite It is painful and can cause death. I'm glad they don't live around were I live.

I don't think we have them

I don't think we have them here either. ill ave to look it up on the internet.

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