Thursday July 24 2014
Science Photo of the Day #848

Science photo 848

Do goldfish really have poor memories?

See the answer.


My nation geographic says there was a goldfish that could tell the difference between the blues and classical music so that means NNNNOOOO.

no no

not true fish have 3 month memories

I love this picture it is

I love this picture it is awesome!!!

Goldfish Memories

We believe that a goldfish has a longer memory than 3 seconds. :)

Goldfish Memory

We think goldfish have longer memories than 3 seconds. :)

Goldfish memory

We think that goldfish have a longer memory than previously believed. We believe that it has a memory of longer than 3 seconds. :)

they have great memory

they have a three month memory!!!!!!!!! isn't that cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have great memories!!!

They have a three month memorie!!!!!!!

They have a three second

They have a three second memory span


I do not know if goldfish have good memory , but koi do! (I had one once).


They seem to have poor memories and it takes awhile to train them.


Goldfish have a short memory.

RE: Yes.

I think the exact same thing.

no they do not

they have good memory. it is a myth that the goldfish has a three second memory. but people still think the goldfish has a three second memory they would be so not smart.they would not know anything!!!!!!!

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