Wednesday July 30 2014
Science Photo of the Day #974

Science photo 974

Why is the bark on this plant peeling?

See the answer.

Maybe it molts?

Maybe new bark growing on the tree, so the tree kinda molts its bark?? Like a spider or a snake??


Looks like an arbutus aka strawberry tree... to me, anyway. Native to the pacific northwest in north america ... washington, british columbia...

As carl would say... this some of things that molecules do ... :) they don't shed their leaves... they shed they're bark. Deer Repelent? Growth? Not sure why... just know it happens.

Re bark

Me too


Because of the air.


The bark is peeling because the tree is growing. Kinda like a snake. I think that's right.

I agree, but...

I agree, but I also think bugs are underneath, making the bark rot, and then peel.

RE: bark

I agree.

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