Wednesday July 23 2014
Science Photo of the Day #976

Science photo 976

Why are these animals sometimes confusing to tourists visiting from other countries?

See the answer.


Because they look like a cross between a deer and a llama?? :D

It's because they look so

It's because they look so much like the smaller red deer of Europe. These are elk.

Confusing animals

Because tourists don't know what these animals are?


Are these mule deer in winter?


What are these animals? are they a kind of donkey or mule or lama

what are these animals

What are these animals they look like deer but they are not so what are these things and were did you take this pictures it looks like in a different state?

Hi there

Hi there


what are theses animals they look like deer or a moose?

That's what I thought

That's what I thought

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