Saturday July 26 2014
Swallow-tailed Kite
Kite video
This is some video of a swallow-tailed kite that Nancy spotted while she was on vulture patrol. OK, I know you are wondering why Nancy is on vulture patrol, but it is not a strange as it sounds. I am working on a video about food webs and how energy flows through a living system, and I need video footage of scavengers. To help, Nancy is keeping an eye out for vultures that are feeding on roadkill. She spotted this kite near a spot where several vultures were eatting the carcass of a deer, and I thought that the music fit the kite better than it did the vultures.

Love these birds!

Swallow-tailed Kites are such impressive birds! We have several that fly over our property all the time. They're amazing.

i dont see

i don't see the video

Maybe there is something wrong

I can't either. There must be something wrong

The link is in blue.

Click on the blue words that say Kite Video. My browser needed permission to run the video.

I see the swallow tailed kite

I see the swallow tailed kite often here in Florida. Thanks for the video Robert but the video keeps interrupting and I have a fairly speedy internet connection. Anyway, I love reading that you started to love science when you were 4 years old and was obsessed with dinosaurs, Robert. It reminds me of Ross from Friends :) I admire people with great passion :)

I swear I see a kite all the

I swear I see a kite all the time in my backyard is there a speices that lives in california

LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW that sounds like LORD OF THE RINGS music.


Hello i love your viedos

That was so cool!!!!!

That was so cool!!!!!

is swallow tail kites the

is swallow tail kites the name of the bird? and what state is it found in?

Yes, it is called a

Yes, it is called a Swallow-tailed Kite. They are found in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. They are also common in Central and South America.

I don't see the video.

I don't see the video. Are they Birds?


oops now i found it but it keeps on stoping.

What is your name

What is your name and how did you become a scientist

RE: How did I become a scientist

My name is Robert Krampf. My love of science started when I was about 4, and was obsessed with dinosaurs.
That grew into a hobby of collecting fossils, which led me to study geology in college. I got a job at the local science museum (The Memphis Pink Palace Museum) and worked there for 13 years, teaching geology, biology, chemistry, and physics. For the past 22 years, I have been roaming the country, presenting live shows and making videos, trying to show people how much fun science can be.


Dear Mr. Krampf,
Do swallow tail kites use their tails to help steer them?

RE: Question

Yes, they use their tails more than their wings for steering. Watch how the tail rotates back and forth as the kite flies.

Quicktime Player

The video keeps's downloading too slowly. It's been about 4 minutes so far and it's only downloaded about a tenth of the video.

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