Tuesday July 22 2014
Testing a New Camera

I just got a lightfield camera, and want to test the photos for compatibility. The image above (if you can see it) may take a minute or two to load. Once you can see the photo, place your cursor over the picture. After a few seconds, you should see a "loading circle" in the center of the photo, with a green progress line. Once the image is fully loaded, this will disappear.

At that point, you can click on different parts of the photo, to bring that part of the image into focus. Click on the closest teeth on the crocodile skull, and you will see them in clear focus. Then click on other teeth, and they will shift into focus.

You can also click-and-drag on the photo to bring the entire photo into focus, and slightly shift your perspective.

Light field photography has some interesting possibilities. Where a regular, digital camera captures the color and the intensity of the light hitting each sensor, a light field camera records the color, intensity, and direction of the light for each sensor. This lets the camera software refocus the photograph, bringing different parts into focus.

While I have high hopes for this camera, I need your help in evaluating it.

  1. Does the image show up on your computer? If not, let me know what browser and operating system you are using.
  2. Does the refocusing work on your computer? Again, if not, let me know what browser and operating system you are using.

If this works, I can see using it to get a much greater depth of field for close-ups of specimens, microphotography, and adding some user interaction to parts of the site. Once I know more about its compatibility and play with it more, I will let you know what I think are the pros and cons.


it works on firefox

New Camera

Works on my MACOS X Mountain Lion

Does not work for me

Sadly, it does not work for me. I am running Fedora Linux and Firefox. The image loads up OK initially, but I never see the circle / progress bar. When I click in the image, it just disappears -- but if I switch to another tab and come back, it returns. Unfortunately, it looks just as it did before -- the focus never changes.

New Camera

Very nice! We use Google Chrome. Focus works very well, and we can zoom. We cannot click and drag to get the whole picture to focus, though.

That is neat! It is working

That is neat!

It is working well for me on Safari, Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2).


Looks great in Safari!

Its work Very nice

Its work Very nice

Fun exploration of depth of field

It works on the iPad 2 running ios6. Interesting,

IPhone 5


Light field Camera

Worked on my iPhone 4. Very nice!

New Camera

That is way cool! I can't wait for more pictures!

Both are working on our

Both are working on our computer.

It works on our computer

We have a mac -not sure which browser, but it opened quickly and refocuses and does everything you mentioned. Very cool!

Lightfield Camera

Works just as you described on my Android phone. I suggest that the very low angle at which the photo was taken might be why parts towards the back of the skull seem not to have as much detail as parts in the front. A slightly higher angle or slightly more around the side might change that. Thanks from VA for all you do!

Partially successful

Mac OS X version 10.8.2 using Firefox 17.0.1

I can zoom, get a good focus about half way back, the back stays unfocused in all versions. But--way cool!

Mac 0S 6 iPhone

Bummer - no image on my iPhone. Perhaps because its a 3GS?

really neat!

Worked great -- Windows Vista and Google Chrome
what an neat camera.
Maybe you could do some kind of video or experiment showing how this camera works differently?


It works on Firefox 17.0.1 and Windows 7.

New Camera

Wow!!! All operations worked very well on my computer. Thanks so much for all the exciting pictures and info.


Before it didn't work, but now it works! I was using Chrome browser and Windows operating system both times.

New camera

It works! I'm on an IPad 2 in Safari

Lightfield Evaluation

Windows 7 64 bit, Google Chrome. Does Everything you claim.


Works very nice

Mozilla & Vista


Win 7 32bit, Chrome Version 23.0.1271.95 m; all in order.


Working for me

I'm on an iMac running OS X 10.7.5 and Firefox 17.0 It initially seemed not to be refocusing, only allowing me to change perspective. It's working now, though.

It works - interesting idea!

The front has more definition than the back of the skull, but the refocus works for me. Mac OS 10.6.8 and browser is Safari 5.1.7

skull clicking

That is so cool! (yes, it worked!)

Your new lightfield camera...

Works beautifully. I am using the Chrome browser, and I am able to do everything you said. Quite fascinating!

It works on my computer!

All features work for me-- I'm on SeaMonkey with the slowest Roadrunner connection. Cool!


I am using Firefox 17.0.1

I can shift the focus (that is really cool)
I can zoom
I cannot click and drag to see the entire photo in focus.

Thanks for all you do!

New Camera

It was cool thanks for sharing...it worked great for me

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