Wednesday April 16 2014
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The Science Photo of the Day

The Science Photo of the Day lets me combine photography with science. You can use these as bell work, to stimulate scientific discussions, as practice researching information, or as a source of fun trivia. Some are easy. Others can be quite challenging. Often they come from whatever I happen to be doing that day. I try to post at least four or five Science Photos every week, but that can vary if I am in an area with no internet.

The most recent photo will not have an answer yet, but you can click on it to leave a guess or comment. For older photos, click to see the answer. Past photos are also listed in the right column on the category pages, making it easy to find Science Photos that tie in with what you are currently studying.

Science Photo of the Day #978

Science photo 978

Several earthquakes have been in the news recently. One in Los Angeles was a 5.1 on the Richter Scale, while one in Yellowstone was a 4.8. How much difference is there between a 4.8 and a 5.1?

Science Photo of the Day #977

Science photo 977

We had graupel today, but it is gone now. Without looking it up, what is graupel?

Science Photo of the Day #976

Science photo 976

Why are these animals sometimes confusing to tourists visiting from other countries?

Science Photo of the Day #975

Science photo 975

In spite of my lingering vertigo, Nancy and I joined my sister and my niece for a quick trip to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon cuts through many layers of rock, but the Coconino Sandstone is very different from the other layers. What makes it so different?

Science Photo of the Day #973

Science photo 973

We saw that we could have an equilibrium between water as a liquid and a solid by keeping the temperature at 0°C. What would you have to do to also have equilibrium with water as a gas?

Science Photo of the Day #972

Science photo 972

Imagine you have a glass of ice water. If you refrigerate it to keep the temperature at exactly 0°C (32°F), will the water freeze or will the ice melt?

Science Photo of the Day #971

Science photo 971

Goats have unusual eyes with a wide, rectangular pupil. What other animals have that kind of pupil?

Science Photo of the Day #968

Science photo 968

Viceroy butterflies mimic Monarch butterflies. Monarchs are mimics too. What do they mimic?

Science Photo of the Day #966

Science photo 966

What is special about the way this plant obtains nutrients?

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