A Guide to The Happy Scientist Website

 A Guide to The Happy Scientist Website

1. Sign up for The Free Experiment of the Week Newsletter

The Experiment of the Week newsletter gives you a free science activity each week, and notifies you of the latest new videos, experiments, and other resources.


2. Find materials related to State Science Standards

You can always find the State Science Standards through the link in the top menu. For each covered state, you will find the Science Standards for grades K-8, with links to the videos and experiments that best support the concepts.

State Science Standards

3. Use the Category links to easily find resources.

You will find these links on every page, leading you to the resources from that area of science.

4. Narrow your search with the Choose a Topic menu on each Category page

Once you get to the Category page, you can use the "Choose a Topic" boxes to narrow your search. Just select a topic and click "Apply."

Videos are listed in the center part of the page, while written experiments are listed in the right hand column.

videos and experiments

5. Find content by searching the entire site.

You can also use the Search box at the top, right corner of every page to search the entire site for specific terms.


6. Check out the free Science Photo of the Day.

Each day, you will find a new Science Photo of the Day. These are photographs from Robert's travels, each with a challenging question. Answers are posted the following day, along with a new photo/challenge.

Many teachers use the Science Photo to stimulate classroom discussion, as practice for researching answers, or as bell work while students are waiting for class to begin.


7. Did We Leave Anything Out?.

If you have questions about access, finding content, playing the videos, or other website issues, please contact us at: Member Support

If you have science questions, please send them to: Member Support