Media Toolkit

Media Toolkit

If you are a journalist or blogger seeking an expert source on science education, online educational tools, and the power of video to deliver science learning, you’ve come to the right place. Let us know how we may assist.
You may reach Mr. Krampf at:

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The Happy Scientist connected to a one million volt Tesla coil
happyscientistsparkshr.jpg (300 dpi jpg, 1839 × 2085)

happyscientistsparkshrcrop.jpg (300 dpi jpg, 941 × 1104, tighter shot)

thehappyscientistsparks.jpg (72 dpi jpg, 192 × 218)


Broadcast quality video of Robert Krampf in action

We can provide B-roll or broadcast quality footage from our videos for your news coverage. Please let us know which format and resolution work best for you. Our videos are letterbox (16:9) and exported from Final Cut Studio.

We can also provide embed code, to allow you to include video to accompany your article or blog posting. Our standard formats are flv 480x270, flv 960x540, and h.264 960x540. If you need a different format or size, please let us know at: