Monday July 28 2014
3D Chalk
On my recent trip to Memphis, my Mom, my sister, my nieces, and I played with some of the new 3D Sidewalk Chalk from Crayola. Now, I usually don't promote products, but this one is fun, and has lots of science in it. If you don't want to buy the product, some of the options have the glasses packaged so you can look through them in the store, but I warn you, if you play with them, you will wind up buying them. The idea is that you put on the glasses, and then draw on the sidewalk with the chalk. Depending on the color of the chalk, it may seem to float over the sidewalk, but be sunk down into it.

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This is interesting

I kinda wish i knew how the glasses work differently than those 3d glasses from the movie theaters. I think it would be really cool for the little ones though. It's a great idea for a product in my opinion, having raised alot of kids and knowing what entertains them :)

Thanks for posting this!


3-D Glasses

No, unfortunately the 3-D glassed from the movies don't work with the chalk.

Do the glasses you wear in

Do the glasses you wear in 3-D movies have the same effect on chalk?

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