Tuesday July 29 2014
Long Lens
This week we will see that you can do science experiments anytime, even while cleaning out the refrigerator. Well, to be honest, it distracted me from cleaning out the refrigerator, but eventually the job will get done. I promise. I really do promise. To avoid cleaning your refrig.... I mean to try this experiment, you will need:

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last picture

hello dr krampf,
what are you trying to show in the last picture above? (where the two olive jars are placed back to back).
it looks like one has water and the other doesn't?

You are correct. For the jar

You are correct. For the jar that is full of water, the light is focused into a bright line, while the jar with air does not. That photo is to let you compare the way light passes through the two different substances.

hide my bike

Thats cool!!

Wow ant wait to try it

Wow ant wait to try it


I found that NINE BIKES BIKED worked!

That is awesome,can't wait to

That is awesome,can't wait to try.

upsideright sentence

SO COOL is also SO COOL upside down


Except for the L.

long lens

so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That Is Really Cool,I Can't Wait To Try That But I Don't Necessarily Like Olives.

very cool!

but y would u want to "hide your bike"?!?!


we found that 'CHEEKY BEE BOXED ODD CHICK' works! It sounds weird but it worked for us!

Cool! Great job on that one.

That works great, except for the "Y" in CHEEKY.

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