Monday July 28 2014
Science Photo Answer #837

Science photo 837

This is my pet spider beside its molted exoskeleton. Notice that the spider is bigger than the exoskeleton it came out of. How is that possible?

Like other arthropods, spiders grow a new, larger exoskeleton inside the old one. The new exoskeleton is flexible, so it fits inside the old exoskeleton even though it is larger. You can read more about the process in my recent blog post, Thoughts on an Exoskeleton.

It's grew!

Like all animals that shed their skin/exoskeleton/etc. It got too big for it and had to shed it's old skin i actually have a snake in my front yard and i found it's skin and then I saw the snake and it looked larger than its shed skin. I'm no 100% sure, I mean I'm only 11.


Wow isn't it amazing? Do you think you could put some video's of;Spiders Bugs Bumble bees

Worms and Ants?


Victoria Sloane


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