Wednesday July 23 2014
Big Surprise!

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This is video of me having a BIG surprise. While videoing an armadillo at Myakka River State Park, I heard a sound behind me. Looking over my shoulder, I saw eight large, wild pigs, standing ten feet away. I am not sure who it scared more.

That's amazing, I have always

That's amazing, I have always wanted to see an armadillo! I would have screamed too.


I love armadillos. Those pigs must have really scared you! I probably would have screamed. (I'm a girl.)

i would have to

sure but i would have screamed and like you said (i'ma BOY)

No they did not

No they did not eat the armadillo. wild pig's do not eat that kind of food


If that was a armadillo then is it true that they roll up into balls?
Have you ever seen do that?

Yes, I have seen them do

Yes, I have seen them do that, but only when they can't get away. They can run very fast, so they don't have to do that often.

i seen one too

at a friends house


At a camping site.

I thought that those

I thought that those were deer. Was this at Utah?



Wow captured on video! Pretty

Wow captured on video! Pretty neat I tell you!


that is soooo cool!! there seems to be quit a lot of wild life were you live! i always wanted to live in a place like that!!!


That is so cool!

Rebekah 11


Did the armadillo see the pigs as a threat? Was he as scared as you were?

No, the armadillo ignored me

No, the armadillo ignored me and the pigs. It just kept on rooting around in the leaves.


I thought those were wild dogs at first. Wild pigs can kill people right? What a scary experience. Did they eat the armadillo?

L. albers

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