Monday July 28 2014
Cloud Formation, Part 1



I thought this was going to be so boring......

I skipped over this lesson a couple times. Now I'm glad I FINALLY saw it! That is SO cool!

Thanks Mr. Krampf, I never new clouds could be so interesting.



HaHa I love the blooper: Floating in the WATER? But still a really cool video!






This video was really cool my teacher introduced it to me and I'm happy she did!


This was great I am totally going go to this YAY


this is one cool vid it was super epic love it keep it up




i like your video i learned new stuff today/luis


Thats A Cool Video

What I Learned

I learned that if you get Water Vapor+Cooling Air=Clouds that is so new to me!

What I learned!

What I learned was increadible! It was so cool learning about how making clouds
with a flashlight and your mouth! Thank you so much! I think im going to get an A+ in science so if I do I will thank you a million times......THANK YOU!


What does youre breath have anything to do with a test.

What I Learned

I learned that if you get water vapor and if u cool water vapor it will form a cloud.You will mostly see it in the night where it's cold.


Hello fellow world I watched this video to get better in science. This video was really and I think im going to get an A+. So once again I say thank you.

i likey

thats was cool!!

looks cool!

looks cool!

How I Learned

Thank you very much,I learned very much how a cloud forms with water vapor cooling that equals clouds!


This video is really funny sometimes. I just crack up! Im always going to watch his videos. His videos also inspire me to be a scientist when I grow up!
Thank you so much!

Helps Me

This video helped me a lot in science. I hope he makes a lot more videos.

Valentina from Cypress Springs Elementary


I like how you made that cloud in the dark. I wanna try that some night. Thanks for the lesson.


I want to do that to

Clouds are the thing to have in 2013 haha

I love making clouds because it makes you look like your breathing smoke. Like a dragon or something.


thats awsome

that was awesome! i think i

that was awesome! i think i might try that next time i go outside and do that!!

clouds are cool

awesome i really liked that video i thouht it was amazing

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