Wednesday July 23 2014
Cloud Formation, Part 2

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I liked your video

I have seen those shadows before on our driveway and always thought they were cool. Now i know how they are made. BTW I loved your little critters!

I watch the videos alot

i like to watch your videos all the time! :D i never knew the stuff your videos are teaching me!

Love It!

our dog is a toast bandit!!!

Hi! What a wonderful video!

When I saw the shadows of the hot air rising,it reminded me of a hot day at a parking lot!BTW was that your cat in the back??I have a cat just like him!I thought my cat decided to take a road trip from NY to Utah!LOL
Thanks again for such an awesome video!

Grace G.
Age ~ 14 Yrs old
Grade ~ 8th going into 9th
School ~ Homescooled


i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What are some other things that can make clouds in the air?


your dog is a toast bandet


this is very interesting im going to try this


there was a cat behind you

Where did the dog put the toast?

Where did the dog put the toast?


did you own the dog

awww how cute

The puppy was so adorable O.O

this is an awesome video

this is an awesome video



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