Thursday July 31 2014
A Color You Can't See
Use your cell phone to see a color you can't see.

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HI, Mr. Krampf I was

HI, Mr. Krampf I was wondering... is there a way that you could see infrared or ultraviolate if you recorded a rainbow with your camera? can you do a video on infrared and ultraviolate? like why cant you see them and stuff. if you have already done one can you please send me a link so I can see it.


Our eyes do not have

Our eyes do not have receptors for infrared or ultraviolet, so we don't see them. Most digital cameras can detect some infrared light. Try watching this video:

Hi, Mr. Krampf I was

Hi, Mr. Krampf I was wondering is there a way you can see ultra violate and infrared light? Do you have a video or written text about it? if so can you please send me a link.o-_-o

I love this video

Hi, Mr. Krampf, I was wondering if all kinds of remotes do this, because it seems like that is an apple remote. Btw I have watched all( literally, all) of ur videos and I think they are so cool, I am using some of them for subjects in essays!! ;) Jane, Age 11


That is CRAZY! I took a video of it with my mom's camera. I looked at the screen, rapidly flashing purple light. I look at the remote, nothing!! Thanks Mr. Krampf! I will DEFINITELY show my friends! Best science experiment EVERRRRR!!!!!

:D :D :D :D


I just tried it with my IPod touch and it is so cool! I never knew that! my mom thought it was interesting too!


That's so cool!! I'm so going to share that with my family and my friends. They will flip! Thanks! =)


that is the best expirement EVER!!!

a color you cant see


I saw

I saw the lights without a cell phone!


Hi floma, how could you see the light without a cell phone? I'm saying floma because that's the person who wrote the note that I have a question for. Get back to me soon! Thanks! Elena, age 11


Do all remotes do this?

Not all of them. Some

Not all of them. Some remotes, especially remote controls for gates, garage doors, car door remotes, and other outside sensors usually use radio signals instead of infrared light.


I never knew that!


That was soooo awesome! I will try it.

cell phone

cool!i just got my cell yesterday and i will try it!!


I Never knew that, really cool video!


me neither! totally agree with you...AWESOME VIDEO!!!


I really like this video. I took many pictures. I thought the light was red but i was wrong. This is my favorite video other then scaring salt.

Ultraviolet light

Did you know that ultraviolet light is harmful to your eyes and body? Once again, please don't send me an email, just reply on here.

Yes, ultraviolet light can be

Yes, ultraviolet light can be harmful if you are exposed to too much. That is what gives you a sunburn, and the cause of snow blindness.


i always wondered about that little light bulb on my remote. Now i know. thanks

Red Light

Some remote controls show red lights. I saw something like that once

i will show my

i will show my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Experiment shown is very good Thankyou

This is the first time I knew how to see the light from a remote control. Very informative for me.

Thankyou :)

I joined this site for my kids benefit, but I'm learning so much too :) I would always comment "I don't know how this remote is working but it is and I'm not complaining" :p thanks for explaining it so simply!


good job man

RE: Radio Waves

Good point, and a great subject for a future video. Light waves and radio waves are a part of the same electromagnetic spectrum, although most sources that I found limit the use of the word "light" to the part of that spectrum that can be seen by human eyes or the eyes of other creatures. Thanks!

Radio Waves

It might have been worth pointing out that radio waves are light waves too. You made it sound like radio waves were something else entirely.

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