Friday July 25 2014
Fun at Technorama

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This video was shot during my visit to Technorama, the Swiss Science Center in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Cool... Is that like 100000 volts????

Don't you need like 100000 volts to get electricity to go around you???
Reply please!

Actually, this was 1.5

Actually, this was 1.5 million volts, but it is not the voltage that causes it to go around me. Instead, it is how many times it alternates each second. Household electricity alternates 60 times per second in the U.S. and 50 times per second in some other countries. The electricity from the Tesla Coil alternates several hundred thousand times per second. It is that high frequency alternation that causes it to flow on the surface of a conductor.


That was cool! Wish I could go to the Technorama!! : )



Wow ur pretty brave mr

Wow ur pretty brave mr


That is awesome.But what kind of suit was that that you had on and what did it do?



Lol its chainmail

Wow Happy Scientist got it first!

The suit was chainmail, made

The suit was chainmail, made out of thousands of metal rings hooked together. It gave the electricity a safe path around me, so I did not get burned. DO NOT TRY THAT AT HOME! This only works with Tesla coils.

soooo cool i wonder how

soooo cool i wonder how stuned the other people were ive done something alike at mosi :)

wow i love that picture so

wow i love that picture so cool

so cool

gosh dat thing is just too awesome! did it hurt you? could you feel anything at all? it was funny when it went on to your head!!!!! what were those things that people were sticking their arms in? that is very cool.!

RE: so cool

No, it did not hurt a bit. The suit protected me completely. The people inside the cage had metal gloves, made of the same stuff as the suit. They could stick their hands in the glove and let the spark jump to them.

Technorama Switzerland

Dear Mr. Krampf,
We saw you at 2 shows in Miami with the homeschool group. We loved every-bit of it. When I saw you went to the Technorama, I got homesick. I grew up in Switzerland. I love the Technorama. How cool to perform there. I want very much to take my kids there next time we visit Switzerland.

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