Wednesday July 23 2014
Global Science

the earth

How did people find out the earth was tilted on it's axis?

Sadie Rose

By observing the seasons. if

By observing the seasons. if the Earth was not tilted, then there would not be any summer, winter, spring, or fall. The season would always be the same.

Great explanations! Thanks

Great explanations! Thanks


I never head that

You Rock!!!!!!!!

Ice cream on the sun! Thax for teaching me about the global science!

P.S I'm your greatest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so the globe that you can buy from the store is a ratio to the real sun??


solar system

I think I learned alot watching this video and I think it well help me do well on my fcat science and I hope this was the right stuff I was suppose to learn for my test because I am going to do my best and rock the test.

Global Science

I loved your explaination of the light distribution. This is very hard for our 5th graders to understand, your video will be terrific for them to watch!!
Orlando, FL

Thanks To,

What a Interesting and amazing video! did You explain it? I Think Robert You are Great for us. I can't imagine This. Thanks Thanks and Thanks!


wow i learned alot from that vid is there really icecream on the sun?

man do you relly think he

man do you relly think he said ice cream on the sun??? wowee you mustve hit your head when you were a baby!!


Huh? I could only watch 40 seconds of the video and then it ended.

Fixed. Thanks for letting me

Fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

love the outtakes

they make us giggle!

Experiment 142

That was very interesting!

I learned a lot from this video

Thanks, this concept has always been a bit hard for me to understand, thanks for explaining it so well in your video. You should do one on how the moon effects the currents of the ocean on earth.

Chilean Earthquake

Did this earthquake change how long the days are? Did it change the Earth's axis? We have heard stories. Thanks!

Thank you

At first i did not get this at all but you explained it and now i really undersatnd it thank you so much. I am glad we have someone like you to explain that better to us.

Experiment 142

Thank you Robert,
You taught us in 7 minutes what we have tried to learn for months!
Enjoy your ice cream... We'll have some too.
Carolyn and Kids in Australia

Woot!!! i love

Woot!!! i love australians!!!!!

You guys are awesome!!!!!


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