Wednesday July 23 2014
HappyTone Launch

It was least

It would have been more entertaining if Robert went to see it shuttle off at Kennedy Space Center,though.But it was educational!




really cool:)


that looked sooo pretty!!!

your biggest fan!

I have watched this video

I have watched this video about the launch of space shuttle named discovery. It was a precious moment for the science and all such space expeditions by NASA has always found something useful for the space science. I have heard that NASA is going to stop sending human to space and reducing the amount of space expeditions because of the high expenses. So this expedition by the space shuttle, discovery has so much importance. I will be waiting to hear more about this expedition by NASA.

My Goodness!

That was incredible! I saw the Atlantis liftoff. Not live, of course. But it's more beautiful at night. You can't see the space shuttle, but, I liked it.


This was an Awesome video.
I Think It Looks Better At
Night Anyway:)

Discovery launch

I remember I watched it in news when it was launched for the first time. So many people wanted to see it. Well, but in a night sky it is even more beautiful.


Awsome Video !!!!

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