Monday July 28 2014
Making a Screamer

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didn't work

I tried it and it didn't work. Why?

Be sure that your strip of

Be sure that your strip of paper is long enough. If it is too short, it will not work well.

i tried it

I tried it, but all I got was saliva on my paper. Why didn't it work?

Hmm. Without more details, I

Hmm. Without more details, I can't tell what went wrong. Be sure to use a big enough piece of paper. If the strip is too short, it will not work well.

It works

It does work and yes I will trie in all sorts of sizes.


Cool! The first time I blew it I scared my mom! COOOL!!!!!!!!



I can do the same thing with grass too if you put the piece of grass between your thumbs, and blow... :) thanks for the video!


Me and my friends made these and annoyed our sisters all day :D


I think I will now be able to annoy all my family.. Lol

awsome it

awesome it works.super cool


haaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa haha i cant stop its soso funny haaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa


Awesome! that's really cool!

: )

Your cat is SO adorable. It's so fluffy and cute. I want to hug it.

How to make a screamer

It annoys my mom and brother and scares our dogs .

heh heh

This is so awesome. My poor, poor family... : )

it does not always work

it did not work

How come you didnt notice

You didnt notice the cat.


"Sweet! I love it!" (our child's reaction)

We tried varying the length of the screamers and found that the pitch was the same, but when we changed the width, the the pitch was lower. Thank you!


sweet I love it so much

i made it in school it really

i made it in school it really works thanks

very cool

Nice i will annoy my brother now heee




I Tried Making One....


did it work




Cat in the video and in the bloopers! Cool.


i made the thing just like you said but it does not work
please help


separate your fingers a bit and blow pretty hard

I found

I found that you have to separate you fingers slightly and pull all of you other fingers awaya so they don't get in the way.
Good luck!


I found that out too ^.^

screaming teacher

The experiment is so awesome that I scared my teacher with the screamer and she actually screamed herself.


i like that sound

this stuff really works

this stuff really works


We found that a 7 inch long piece of 20 lb. printer paper made a lower pitched sound than a 5 inch long piece and that 20 lb. paper worked better than heavier card stock. The 65 lb. card stock didn't vibrate as easily and we couldn't make the same kind of screeching sound. We also tried aluminum foil, which made a sound similar to the 20 lb. paper (same length and width) but was more difficult to work with because it would bend and lose it's shape. This was fun -- thank you!


cute kitty!


This is so incredible I made one that was absolutely EPIC V_V

keep it up!

please keep making more :D i loke the bloopers the most!


Your cat is so cute!


I wonder if given different lengths and widths of paper it would be possible to make a tune?..... hmm....


That was really cool! I love your videos please keep making more.

I remember u made a similar

I remember u made a similar video a while ago.


My son is into whiseling and now he may pick up on this.

Nice Cat. :)

Nice Cat. :)

Where'd he come from?

Cute cat. Where'd he come from?

That is our cat Ethylene.

That is our cat Ethylene. She wandered up to our house a few months ago, and decided that she would live here. In the video, she is limping a bit, because she got caught in a bobcat trap. Luckily, it did not break any bones, and her foot is healing nicely.

Why are you trapping bobcats?

Leghold traps are cruel.

We are not trapping bobcats,

We are not trapping bobcats, but there are hunters in the canyon that do. The vet recognized the injury, and told us that she had been caught in a trap.


Canyon? Is that the Grand Canyon? I wanr there once!

Great, now my kids will be

Great, now my kids will be annoying me with these all day. Thanks. ;)

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