Wednesday July 23 2014
Science Fair Panic, part 4

What if things go WRONG?!?!.

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This is a great example of how you should make a science fair project. It is professional, clean and gives almost every possibility of failure a straight way out. Mr. Kramf, never stop making videos!

I am home-schooled too!

I am home-schooled too!

can i do it?

would it be ok if I did that experiment for my science fair project? it looks really fun and easy,and I don't know what to do.

Hee Hee :D

love the sounds!

Can I?

I am home-schooled and think it might be fun doing a science-fair project. Know anywhere I could enter?

(~: Hannah S. :~)

RE:Can I?

Yeah, me too, Mr. Krampf.
I'm home-schooled as well. I also mentioned in the first video of these that I love space but I don't know any science experiments. Can you help me on that please? Thanks!

~Hannah S. Age 11

I have a question...

what if you taste some of the tomatoes from the counter, and even tho u don't know which ones they are, they taste good to you, then u tried the ones from the fridge and they don't taste as good? Did tasting the good ones first affect how the second ones tasted to you? Would the second batch of tomatoes, in comparison to the first, taste bad, just because the ones you had first were better? I mean if u tried the bad ones first, then just because those ones were bad, the good ones would taste really good, and the results would be off? Like if you had tasted one by itself, instead of tasting both, it might've tasted different to you because you weren't tasting the other ones too?

Excellent question. Can you

Excellent question. Can you think of a way to tweak the experiment to fix that?

I guess

I guess maybe if theres one person that knows which tomatoes are which, and has one person taste the ones from the counter first, and another person taste the ones in the fridge first?

What if you used several

What if you used several pieces of each tomato? Each tester would taste sample A, then sample B, then A again, then B again.

Even better would be to do it as a blind test, not telling them if each sample was A or B. Just give them 6 pieces in a random order, such as BABBAAB. That would take care of the possibility that tasting one would change the perceived taste of the next sample.


or taste them a day apart. or if you don't have that kind of time, taste one and then have a palate cleanser (like sorbet) and then taste the other. that way your taste buds aren't tasting tomatoes back to back.

Wouldn't you

Wouldn't you know which one was which by telling if one was cold or if one was hot? What would you do then?

~Hannah Age 11

Equalize the temperature

I thought of this, too. You'd have to bring all the tomato samples to room temperature before serving.

Yeah, I was thinking

Yeah, I was thinking about that, but wouldn't that change some of the variables?


I love the part when the scary music comes on and all the tomatoes are gone!!!!!! hee hee hee...

Science Fair Project

Thank you for this video series. I'm helping students in our 8th grade class prepare science fair projects. These videos provide a terrific overview of a the scientific method and science fair projects.

This is really helpful!!!

This is really helpful!!!


vvv //// i know thats funny

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