Friday July 25 2014
Selective Smelling

How long can you smell something before the scent vanishes?

This project has Science Fair potential

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That is great I always wondered about this. So glad I know

Mr. Krampf, you

Mr. Krampf, you are so awesome!


Hey that probably was the best rabbit video i have ever seen in my whole entire life i love when you were getting gas that was so funny:)

From:Bryson Winingar


That was so Cool!


That video was amazing

that is ....



You look so cute in that bunny\rabbit suit!

Cole Eilert


i loooooovvvveeeed ths video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so cute!!!!


cool i live next to a farm and i can't smell it but when my freinds come over they ask me how can i live with the smell

How long does it take?

How long does it take to "turn the sent back on"?

i dont thing anybody knows that awnser

i dont thing anybody knows that awnser

i have a neighbor who has

i have a neighbor who has goats and when its mating season they smell so soooo bad. and i asked my friend (who lives there) " how can you live with that smell?" and she said " i cant smell it any more."

thank you for being a scientist and telling us such fascinating stuff


A Farr Kid

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