Teacher Strategies for Using The Happy Scientist Website

Teacher Strategies for Using The Happy Scientist Website

• Don't Show the Videos to Your Students!

Wait a minute! Isn't this a video site? Instead of just having your students watch a video, consider watching it yourself to learn the demonstration. Then perform the demonstration yourself, live, for your students.

By using this site as a training resource, you can easily add excitement to your classes, even if you are not accustomed to performing science demonstrations.

• Use the Two Part Videos for Critical Thinking.

Several of the videos come in two or more parts. Part one usually introduces the experiment, and asks the students to think about what will happen and/or try it themselves. Part two explains the results.

Candles in a Jar, part 1 and 2
Water in a Glass, part 1, 2, and 3
Strange Flame, part 1 and 2
Pool, Boat, and Anchor, part 1 and 2
Wax and Wood, part 1 and 2
Bottle Tones, part 1 and 2

• Make the Site Available to Your Aftercare Program

Aftercare programs are always looking for ways to occupy students. Be sure they have your school's login information, so aftercare students can watch science videos instead of cartoons and Disney movies. The hundreds of text experiments also make great hands-on activities to keep students involved.

• Use the Science Photo of the Day as Bell Work

Bell work, short projects that students work on while waiting for class to begin, can be very productive, stimulating creativity and critical thinking. The Science Photo of the Day provides great opportunities for students to practice researching and reasoning.

If today's Science Photo does not suit your needs, there are over 500 photos in the archive, making it easy to find new challenges that fit in with your unit.

Science photo 495

What is the function of the hump on a camel's back?

• How Do You Use the Site?

Have you found a different way to use the videos? A fun way to use the Science Photos? A new twist on the written experiments? Let us know, so we can share the idea. Contact us at: Member Support