District Subscription


District subscribers have the following benefits:

  1. Every teacher and student in the District has full access to the website, at school and at home.
    Teachers: You may give the login information to your students. That will let them use the site for homework, flipped classroom assignments, etc.
  2. Teachers in the District may request a free, individual account by emailing me from their school email address. Include the name of your school, and the grade(s) that you teach.

    An individual account will let you use the bookmarks feature, comment on videos, and contact me more easily with science questions. The free account will remain active for as long as your District has a subscription.

  3. Professional Development Inservices for teachers via Skype or other video conferencing. Contact me to schedule a session.

To set up your District subscription, I need the following information:

If your district has less than 4 schools, please contact me at: membersupport@thehappyscientist.com