Learnalong Investigation, I Need Your Help

I need some help with the current Learnalong Investigation. This is the part where I learn. The first lesson went great. 596 people watched the video, and I got over 40 wonderful responses describing your investigations.

I expected Lesson 2 to be even more fun, giving you two ways to succeed, and opening the door for you to experiment with the coloring. Instead, only 188 people watched the video, and I got only 2 responses.

Now, I need your help. What went wrong?

Did I move too fast, asking you for a hypothesis without a separate lesson on what a hypothesis is?

Did I move too slow, leaving you bored?

Is this just not a subject that interests you?

Should I conduct the investigation myself, and let you follow along, and offer comments and suggestions?

Or are you enjoying the lessons, and just not sending in your results?

Please send me a quick email to let me know what I need to change to make this more useful. Email: happy_scientist@thehappyscientist.com