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Changing Colors, part 1 video reaction, compound, mixture, physical-chemical change, indicator
Light a Bulb with a Balloon video states of matter, static electricity, engineering, energy
Ice and Soda video solution, Variables and controls, critical thinking, observation, properties, investigations and experiments, mixture, physical-chemical change
Changing Colors, part 2 video solution, reaction, physical-chemical change, indicator
Photographing Snowflakes video Holiday, weather, water cycle, microscope, crystals, water
The Chemistry of Hard Water video solution, surface tension, reaction, mixture, water
The Chemistry of Milk video, ClosedCaptions reaction, polymers, digestive system, mixture, physical-chemical change
Polymers and Slime video, ClosedCaptions reaction, polymers, physical-chemical change
Iron Cereal video properties, periodic table, digestive system, magnetism, element, human body, mixture
Ionic and Covalent Bonds video solution, Variables and controls, conduction, electricity, classification, measurement, compound, investigations and experiments, mixture
Finding Fat in Foods video, ClosedCaptions Variables and controls, conduction, reflection, light, digestive system, investigations and experiments, indicator
EvaporitesRob on salt flat video, learnalong solution, states of matter, climate, water cycle, minerals, rocks, investigations and experiments, physical-chemical change
Ice Cream Science video solution, states of matter, thermal energy, mixture, crystals, physical-chemical change
Making Turmeric Paper video acid-base, indicator
Silver Pictures video reaction, light, information processing, element, compound, energy
Igneous Rocks and Bubbles video, learnalong solution, states of matter, critical thinking, volcanoes, model, rocks
Testing for Tannic Acid video reaction, compound, indicator
Cloud Types video atmosphere, weather, water cycle, classification, water
Scaring Pepper video Halloween, Holiday, Illusions and Tricks, polar/nonpolar, surface tension, critical thinking, observation, information processing, water
Light as Air video atmosphere, mass, states of matter, critical thinking, properties, density, misconceptions, measurement, matter
Relighting Candles video reaction, combustion, compound, physical-chemical change
Making a Solar Still video states of matter, cycles, model, thermal energy, weather, engineering, light, water cycle, structure and function, physical-chemical change, water
What is a Rock? video, learnalong erosion, solution, classification, minerals, element, rocks, compound, geologic time, mixture, crystals, fossils
Microscopes: Growing Crystals video, learnalong refraction, light, microscope, waves, classification, crystals
Heating a Balloon video, ClosedCaptions mass, conduction, critical thinking, combustion, thermal energy, water
Water on a String video, blog, ClosedCaptions surface tension, water
Raw Egg or Boiled? video newton's laws, states of matter, critical thinking, inertia, observation, motion, properties, engineering, force and interactions, energy
Making Butter video, free, ClosedCaptions polar/nonpolar, solution, surface tension, digestive system, mammals, human body, mixture, water
Color Changing Flowers video acid-base, plant parts, plants, indicator
Oxygen? No! video critical thinking, observation, combustion, thermal energy, expand/contract, misconceptions, measurement