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Orange Flash video reaction, combustion
How They Get the Sparks in a Sparkler video Fireworks, Holiday, reaction, combustion, physical-chemical change
Testing a Leaf for Starch video, ClosedCaptions growth and development, photosynthesis, Variables and controls, plant parts, plants, measurement, investigations and experiments, indicator
Expansion of Solids video, ClosedCaptions states of matter, atoms, thermal energy, expand/contract, matter
Fats and Emulsions video, ClosedCaptions polar/nonpolar, mixture, water
Chemical and Physical Changes video, ClosedCaptions critical thinking, reaction, misconceptions, classification, investigations and experiments, physical-chemical change
Catalysts video, ClosedCaptions catalyst, reaction, physical-chemical change
Cartesian Diver video, ClosedCaptions mass, states of matter, properties, density, engineering, structure and function, expand/contract, water
Color Changing Flowers video acid-base, plant parts, plants, indicator
Heating a Balloon video, ClosedCaptions mass, conduction, critical thinking, combustion, thermal energy, water
Relighting Candles video reaction, combustion, compound, physical-chemical change
Testing for Tannic Acid video reaction, compound, indicator
Making Turmeric Paper video acid-base, indicator
States of Matter text page, free states of matter, properties, matter
Crystal Angles text page minerals, measurement, crystals
970 photo challenge acid-base, element, indicator
972 photo challenge states of matter, water
973 photo challenge states of matter, water
Understanding "Internal Crystalline Structure" text page, learnalong minerals, rocks, crystals
Squeezing Matter text page states of matter, properties, pressure, classification, measurement, force and interactions, matter
Feeling the Pressure text page senses, critical thinking, pressure, gravity, measurement, water, force and interactions
What Really Happens With Evaporation? text page kinetic/potential, states of matter, atoms, critical thinking, thermal energy, weather, water cycle, misconceptions, physical-chemical change, water
Egg in a Bottle text page critical thinking, reaction, combustion, thermal energy, engineering, pressure, expand/contract, misconceptions, force and interactions
Making Egg Geodes text page, learnalong solution, minerals, rocks, crystals, physical-chemical change
Growing Crystals from Solution text page solution, states of matter, minerals, crystals, physical-chemical change
Dew on the Window text page, free states of matter, thermal energy, water
Dancing Raisins text page mass, solution, states of matter, observation, density, structure and function, water, force and interactions
Cooling Fans text page states of matter, Variables and controls, critical thinking, thermal energy, body covering, structure and function, human body, investigations and experiments, water
Coffee Rings text page solution, surface tension, critical thinking, observation, water
Clear Ice text page solution, states of matter, water