Halloween Science

A Halloween treat for you. All of these are free access until after Halloween.

Halloween is a marvelous holiday for exploring science. Between skeletons, pumpkins, and candy, there are many opportunities to add a little science fun.

  • Pumpkin Guts

    Pumpkins are common at Halloween, and while they are great for making Jack-o-lanterns, they can also show us a lot about the science of plants.

  • Science and the Haunted Pumpkin

    With a little chemistry, you can add some special effects to this Halloween story.

  • Reading a Skeleton

    With all of the skeletons that are used for Halloween decorations, you may want to get to know a bit more about them. A little forensic science can tell you a lot.

  • Bird Bones

    If you want to learn more about skeletons, one of the best ways is to examine a real one.

  • Experimenting with Dry Ice

    Frozen carbon dioxide, commonly known as dry ice, is often used with Halloween decorations. You should understand how to handle it safely, and there are all sorts of fun things you can do with the extra bits.

  • Polymers and Slime

    You can't have a Halloween party without some slime, can you?

  • Making a Screamer

    A quick, simple way to use a bit of science to add some sound effects to your Halloween.

  • Calories and Candy

    How much exercise will you have to do to work off the calories from all of that Halloween candy?