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Light as Air video atmosphere, mass, states of matter, critical thinking, properties, density, misconceptions, measurement, matter
Minerals: Cleavage video, learnalong minerals
Change: Fast and Slow video earthquakes, erosion, seasons, volcanoes, climate, cycles, weather, measurement, landforms, tectonics, geologic time
Why I Decided to Become a Scientist video, free, ClosedCaptions critical thinking, investigations and experiments, hypothesis, theory, and law, fossils
Metamorphic Rocks video, learnalong cycles, classification, minerals, rocks, tectonics
Minerals: Hardness video, learnalong properties, classification, minerals, measurement
Erosion video erosion, soil, cycles, weather, rocks, landforms, geologic time
Continuous Change video earthquakes, erosion, observation, volcanoes, cycles, water cycle, rocks, landforms, tectonics, geologic time
Measuring Lightning video observation, thermal energy, weather, light, water cycle, information processing, pressure, expand/contract, misconceptions, sound, waves, measurement
Global Science video, free, ClosedCaptions sun, earth, seasons, cycles, model, moon, misconceptions
Weathering and Erosion video, learnalong erosion, rocks, landforms
75% Water video food web, critical thinking, earth, ecosystem, model, water cycle, information processing, tectonics, water
My Position on Science and Religion video, free evolution, hypothesis, theory, and law, geologic time, fossils
Wonderful Water video atmosphere, polar/nonpolar, states of matter, surface tension, cycles, weather, water cycle, structure and function, compound, physical-chemical change, water, energy
Looking for Rainbows video critical thinking, observation, refraction, reflection, weather, light, water cycle, structure and function, waves
What is a Mineral? video, free information processing, classification, minerals, element, compound, crystals
Igneous Sugar video states of matter, Variables and controls, volcanoes, model, classification, minerals, rocks, investigations and experiments, crystals
Paleo Cookies video observation, fossils
Faults video earthquakes, rocks, landforms, tectonics
Igneous Rocks video, learnalong volcanoes, cycles, classification, rocks
Why Things Go Bang video kinetic/potential, critical thinking, thermal energy, weather, pressure, structure and function, expand/contract, misconceptions, sound, waves, energy
Nephoscope video atmosphere, weather, water cycle, classification, measurement
Minerals: Fracture video, learnalong properties, structure and function, classification, minerals, measurement, crystals
Mirage video, free, ClosedCaptions critical thinking, refraction, weather, density, light, structure and function, waves
Rocks: Is Snow a Rock? video, learnalong states of matter, critical thinking, cycles, water cycle, misconceptions, classification, minerals, rocks, water
Identifying Minerals video, learnalong properties, information processing, classification, minerals, element, measurement, rocks, compound
Hydrothermal Quartz video, learnalong solution, critical thinking, model, minerals, rocks, crystals, water
Weather and Climate video climate, weather, misconceptions
Minerals: Streak video, learnalong observation, reflection, light, classification, minerals, measurement
Heartless Plants video, ClosedCaptions growth and development, adaptation, circulatory system, plant parts, water cycle, structure and function, plants