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Hear the Ocean video molusks, senses, structure and function, sound
Finding Answers text page, learnalong information processing, skeletal system, human body, anatomy
Testing a Leaf for Starch video, ClosedCaptions growth and development, photosynthesis, Variables and controls, plant parts, plants, measurement, investigations and experiments, indicator
Measuring Calories video, ClosedCaptions Variables and controls, thermal energy, digestive system, human body, measurement, investigations and experiments, energy
Bacteria and Antibiotics video, ClosedCaptions cells, growth and development, Impact of humans, Variables and controls, bacteria, measurement, investigations and experiments
Waterfall Effect video, ClosedCaptions senses, observation, information processing, human body
Color Changing Flowers video acid-base, plant parts, plants, indicator
Orange Slices video, ClosedCaptions adaptation, critical thinking, observation, plant parts, reproduction, structure and function, plants
Seed Search video adaptation, plant parts, reproduction, plants, evolution
Reading a Skeleton video muscular system, skeletal system, human body
Calories: Measuring the Energy text page, free digestive system, misconceptions, human body, measurement, anatomy, energy
Primary Consumers video food web, photosynthesis, ecosystem, plants, animals, energy
Thoughts on Trees text page growth and development, photosynthesis, plant parts, plants
Spider Spotting text page food web, invertebrates, arthropods, ecosystem, animals
Punnett Squares text page cells, genetics, reproduction, evolution
Hold Your Nose text page senses, adaptation, respiratory system, digestive system, human body, anatomy
Feeling the Pressure text page senses, critical thinking, pressure, gravity, measurement, water, force and interactions
Feeling Sound Waves text page senses, cycles, model, sound, waves, force and interactions
Feeling a Point (or two) text page senses, Variables and controls, adaptation, critical thinking, body covering, nervous system, human body, investigations and experiments
Eye Shine text page senses, adaptation, reflection, light, reptiles, mammals, animals, anatomy
The Importance of Observation video senses, observation
Eclipse Watching text page, free electromagnetic spectrum, senses, sun, light, moon, solar system, safety, waves
Muscles Don't Push text page muscular system, engineering, structure and function, misconceptions, skeletal system, human body, anatomy
Cool Water text page senses, critical thinking, thermal energy, body covering
Catching Money text page kinetic/potential, mass, newtons laws, inertia, motion, muscular system, structure and function, skeletal system, force and interactions
Cat Wiggles text page kinetic/potential, adaptation, vertebrates, behavior, model, muscular system, engineering, mammals, structure and function, skeletal system, anatomy, force and interactions, energy
Cat Twisting text page kinetic/potential, mass, newtons laws, adaptation, critical thinking, inertia, behavior, model, motion, muscular system, mammals, misconceptions, safety, anatomy, force and interactions, energy
Cat Lapping text page invertebrates, surface tension, adaptation, observation, model, digestive system, mammals, structure and function, misconceptions, anatomy, water
Broccoli Science text page cells, Variables and controls, acid-base, plant parts, reaction, plants, investigations and experiments
Bread Bubbles text page cells, growth and development, model, reproduction, respiratory system, digestive system, structure and function, fungi, investigations and experiments