Physical Science Resources

Cell Phone Science #1: Measuring Potential and Kinetic Energy Cell phones as scientific instruments
Force, Pressure, and Shoes What is the difference between force and pressure?
Torque A new angle on understanding torque
Rollback Can A fun, physics challenge to figure out.
Density: Ice, Oil, and Water A different way to explore the density of water.
Challenge: Paper, Coin, Cup - Part 2 The answer to the challenge. Did you get it right?
Electricity This is the Electricity show that I traveled with for more than 25 years.
Microscopes - Making a Wet Mount Another way to prepare specimens
Microscopes - Making a Dry Mount The simplest way to look at things with a microscope.
Introduction to the Microscope An introduction to the microscope
Sun Prints Combine science and art to learn about ultraviolet light.
The Slow Race A challenge that combines science, engineering, and creative thinking.
Cloud Formation, Part 1 How clouds form, part 1
Making a Screamer An obnoxious...I mean interesting way to study sound.
Obedient Coin Can you get the coin out from under the glass without touching it? Of course you can!
Strange Flame, part 2 The answer to part 1.
Scientific Thought and Creative Thinking, Part 1 A challenge in creative, scientific thinking.
Scientific Thought and Creative Thinking, Part 2 Part two of Creative Thinking
Scientific Thought and Creative Thinking, Part 3 Part three of the Creative Thinking series
The Knuckle Trick The answer to the Knuckle Trick challenge
A Model of the Water Cycle Make a scientific model of the water cycle.
Science Friction A simple friction challenge that might surprise you.
How Heat Moves Learn the three ways that heat energy can move.
Sunglass Science: Birefringence This time we will explore things that are usually invisible, revealing new things about the world around us.
Sunglass Science: Polarized Light Grab your shades for a different way of seeing the world around you.
Water in a Glass, Part 3 The answer to Part 2, and a fun "science trick."
Water in a Glass, Part 2 The answer to part 1, and a new challenge.
Water in a Glass, part 1 What really keeps the water inside this inverted glass?
Lighting a Bulb With a Balloon Can you really light a lightbulb with a balloon? Of course you can!
Science of Credit Cards How is the information stored on a credit card, and why does putting a plastic bag over an old card make it scan better?
Laser Projection Microscope Turn a $5 laser pointer into a projection microscope!
Pick a String Pull downwards on the string, and use science to cause it to break either above or below the book.
Smoke Rings A simple way to produce beautiful smoke rings.
Strengthening the Dollar How can you make a dollar bill stronger? With science!
Coins Through a Hole Put a coin through a hole that is smaller than the coin, without tearing the paper!
Making Water Wiggle Make a stream of water move without touching it.
Why Wet Things Turn Dark Why does making something wet cause it to look darker?
Relative Motion How fast can you throw a piece of paper?
Oxygen? No! It is amazing how many books get this one wrong!
Looking for Rainbows The amazing science of rainbows.
Heartless Plants How do plants move water and food without a heart for a pump?
Why Things Go Bang Why do fire crackers make such a loud sound?
Ice and String Can you lift an ice cube out of a glass of water with a string? Try it and see.
Measuring Lightning Use the Flash-Bang method to measure how far away the bolt was, and how long it was.
Noisy String Learn about sound while annoying.. I mean amusing your friends.
Hanging a Hammer Can you balance a hammer, a ruler, and some string on the edge of a table? Of course!
Planets and Pennies Try this easy way to visualize how gravity differs from planet to planet.
Bottle Tones, Part 2 The solution to the Bottle Tones video.
Bottle Tones, part 1 How does mass relate to pitch?
Candles in a Jar, Part 2 The answer to the last video's challenge.
Candles in a Jar Which will go out first, the tall candle or the short one?
Ice and Soda Try this old trick for pouring soda with less foam.
Wrong Way Balloon Why do balloons act crazy in your car?
Doppler Effect Why does the sound of a car change as it passes you?
Hear the Ocean? Why do you seem to hear the ocean inside a sea shell?
The Science of Pizza Is the cheese on a pizza really hotter than the crust?
The Right Answer Sometimes the right answer is not the only answer.
Half a Water Balloon Why is half a water balloon different from a full one?
Got the Red Green Blues Does your TV really only have three colors?
About Microwaves Compare the way that a microwave oven heats water and other substances.
Producers Learn about the lifeforms that make up the base of the foodchain.
The Compass and Magnetic Fields Use the compass you constructed in Video 149 to explore magnetic fields, from electric wires to your kitchen cabinets.
Grass Whistle A fun science trick that my grandfather taught me.
Emergency Glasses Learn how to make quick, easy, emergency eyeglasses.
Make a Compass Construct a compass with household materials.
The Singing Glass Turn a drinking glass into a musical instrument.
Floating Cups Help figure out the science behind this simple trick.
The Leyden Jar Learn to construct a 25,000 volt Leyden Jar from materials found around the house. This dramatic, yet safe, demonstration is a
The Science of Flutes Learn about the science of sound as we see how a flute works.
Tricky Bottle Learn the science behind the Tricky Bottle!
Why We Sweat Why do people sweat?
HappyTone Launch
Mirage What is a mirage, and why do they happen?
Going Through a Card Cut a hole in a 4X6 inch index card that is large enough for you to crawl through.
Flame Color Why are candle flames yellow?
Cartesian Diver Make a diver that will rise and fall at your command, if you know the science.
Mass and Weight Why are mass and weight so confusing?
Matter What is matter?
Light as Air When we say that something is as light as air, what does that really mean?
Strange Flame, part 1 Can you figure out why the flame moves backwards?
Radioactive What does it mean when we say that something is radioactive?
The Cloud Chamber A cool way to see evidence of subatomic particles.
The Fire Diamond What does it take for something to burn?
Mobius Space Can an empty space have only one side?
Magic Coin Use science to make a coin seem to magically rise from a matchbox.
A Color You Can't See Use your cell phone to see a color you can't see
Balloon on a Stick Learn the science behind this classic demonstration.
Dry Ice Learn some fun tricks with dry ice as we explore the science of sublimation.
A Watched Pot Who would think that there could be so much science in a pot of boiling water?
Bird on a Wire How can birds sit on powerlines without being shocked?
Egg States When is a change of state not really a change of state?
Spoon Bells Use simple science to make spoons sound like church bells.
Making Craters Make your own craters, and compare them with photos of the real thing.
Density Column How can something sink and float at the same time?
Changing the Speed of Light Can you really change the speed of light? Of course you can!
Recycle With Americans producing 600,000 tons of garbage a day, it is important to look at what we throw away.
Spoon on Your Nose Use science to stick a spoon to your nose.
The Pool, the Boat, and the Anchor, part 2 The answer to video 111
The Pool, the Boat, and the Anchor Do you really understand why things float and sink?
Simple Circuit Construct a simple circuit and use it to test conductors and insulators.
Introduction to Light Emitting Diodes Using LEDs as a way to get started learning about electricity.
The Versorium Construct a simple device for detecting static charges.
Solar Power A look at one of the world's largest solar power plants to learn about reflection and refraction.
White Foam If bubbles are clear, then why are soap suds white?
Wax and Wood, part 2 The answer to the challenge. Did you get it right?
Wax and Wood, part 1 We start by putting wood and wax into water, and watching them separate. The challenge is to get them to change places.
Wonderful Water Because it is so common, we forget how chemically bizarre water is.
Iron Cereal What do they put into breakfast cereal to give you your daily requirement of iron?
The Bullroarer Make this simple, science toy to learn about sound, while making sounds to annoy,..I mean amuse
 your family.
Static Charges An introduction to induction.
Why Wet Things Won't Burn What is it about water that keeps things from burning?
The Hottest Part of the Flame? What is the hottest part of a flame? It may not be where you think it is.
Chromatography Can you tell which pen was used to write a message? Of course you can, if you know the science of chromatography.
White Balance Have you ever taken a photo that turned out very yellow or with a blue tint? Now you will know why.
More Science of Balance Make this fun, science toy, and learn more about how things balance.
Raw Egg or Boiled? Can you tell the difference between a raw egg and a boiled egg, without breaking the shell? Of course you can, if you know the s
The Science of Balance Understanding center of gravity and base can make it easier to balance.
Light Speed Chocolate Use chocolate and your microwave oven to measure the speed of light.
Microwave Chocolate Combine science and chocolate to learn how a microwave oven works.
Air Space How many cotton balls can you fit into a full glass of water?
Ice Cream Science Even in the desert, you can make a cold, tasty snack with some common items and a little science.
Mystery of the Glassy Tube How quickly can you figure it out?
Identifying Minerals Using simple tests such as luster, hardness, and cleavage/fracture, you can identify most common minerals.
Floating Bubbles Float bubble on a layer of invisible gas.
Bernoulli Effect A simple challenge that does not work the way you would expect.
Sorting Salt and Pepper Can you mix salt and pepper and then sort them out again? Of course you can!
The Old Tablecloth Trick Simple science behind a famous science trick.
High Bounce Bounce a tennis ball higher than your house, just by dropping it.
Heating a Balloon Can you really use a candle to heat water in a balloon without popping it?
Crushed Can How much air pressure is pushing on you at this moment?
Mobius Strip Explore the science of topology with scissors and a piece of paper.
Written Experiments
Swing Time A simple experiment with time.
Understanding what "solid" means
Marbles, Inertia, and Paper Plates Marbles, Inertia, and Paper Plates
Magnification, Focus, and Light Why does magnifying something make it darker and harder to focus?
Squeezing Matter Why do some things compress while others don't?
Egg-zactly the Point
Air has Weight
An Easy Swing?
Making an Electromagnet
Balloon Pairs
Bernoulli Eggs
Bottle Race
Breathing Hot and Cold
Broccoli Science
Bubble Colors
Catching Money
Changing Pressure
Comb Kazoo
Creeping Carpets
Dancing Raisins
Dark Lines
Dirty Words of Science
A Cup of Cold
A Watched Pot What can you learn by watching a pot of boiling water? A LOT!
Changing How We Look at Changing Rethinking chemical and physical changes.
A Cool Experiment
Seeing Alternating Current
The Screamer
Two Way Mirrors
Water Beads
Waves from Waves
Polarized Paper
Packing Your Bags
Long Lens A simple lens made from an olive jar.
More Cooling
The Knuckle Trick A fun science trick to make you think your arm is getting shorter.
A Homemade Barometer
What is Matter?
States of Matter
Why is a Full Moon So Bright? Have you ever been outside on a clear night, when there was a full moon? If so, you probably noticed that it was incredibly bri
Trick Birthday Candles
Rock Stacking
Taking a Marshmallow Apart
Calories: Measuring the Energy
Cat Twisting How do cats manage to land on their feet?
Panning for Iron
Whistle Stick, part 2
Whistle Stick
Knuckle Cracking
Three Holes, part 2
Three Holes
Which is the Magnet?
Which is the Magnet, part 2
Eclipse Watching
Cone of Sound
Pretty Pebbles
Stretching the Facts
Static and Humidity
Squeaky Needle
Gasping at Straws
Balloon Chase
A Compass at the South Pole
Cooling Fans
Dew on the Window
Floating Bubbles
The Smell of Money
The Wonders of Ice
Straining a Flame
Collapsing Tent
Magnetic Lines?
Solar Distillary
CD Spectrum
Demagnetizing a Paperclip
Eye Shine Why do some animals eyes glow when you shine a light on them?
Fluorescent Blues (and Yellows)
Hot and Cold Air
Making a Magnet
Oxygen, Yes
Sand Castles
Simple Cloud in a Bottle
Static Magic
Strange Starch
Temperature and Taste
Why is the Sky Blue?
Weird Magnets
Good Vibrations
Listening to Lightning
Invisible Candle Snuffer
Making Money Appear
The Hollow Candle
A Real Tuning Fork
Bouncing Remotes
Dirty Television
Feeling Sound
Flickering Fingers
An Easy Electromagnet
Squeaky Balloon
Standing an Egg on its End
Silver Penny
Static Light
Oil Ball
Floating Water Drops
Colors and Heat
Blowing Out a Candle
Lighting a Light With Static Electricity
Can Water Float?
Blowing Up a Phone Book
Cool Water
AM/FM Radio Waves
Ice Cream Foam
Is Gravity a Theory or a Law?
What's Burning?
Smoking Fingers
Egg Bubbles
Black and White Smoke
Ice Crystals
Thoughts on Trees
Glowing TV
Why Paper Burns
Freezer Fun
Floating M's
Finding Fat
Feeling the Pressure
Street Lights
Thinning Stream, part 2
Hot and Cold Water
Heat Waves
Half Full or Half Empty
Water Prism
Jurassic Vibrations
Ice Race
Ice Cream Cooler
Producing Static Charges
Potato Clicks
Pendulum Perils
Paper Rope
Paper Glasses
Paper Cuts
One Glass Musical
Old Water
No Dented Cans
Moving Waves
Thinning Stream
Ice Cream Spoons
Twinkle, Twinkle, Distant Star
The Simplest Leyden Jar
Five Cents
Straw Trombone
Spoon Reversals
Soil Types
Slippery and Sticky Ice
Simple Quacks
Shadow Colors
Science and Friction
Static Glow
Soda Water Fountain
Sand Angles
Observations of a Candle
Magnifying Glass
Hearing Directions
Fiber Optic Water
Clear Ice
Bernoulli in the Shower
Action and Reaction
Water Magnifier
Thunder Rumbles
The Speed of Electricity
States of Matter
Fat Finding
Tricky Bottle
Attractive Cereal
Balancing a Hammer
Lifting an Ice Cube
Measuring Lightning
Noisy String
Density Column
Hot and Cold Bubbles
Electric Tape
Specific Heat
Resonant Waves
Pushing Air
Magdeburg Cups
Invisible Light
Cartesian Raisins
Capillary Filter
Upside Down Glass of Water
Two Way Pressure
Turning Ice
Three Part Pasta
Space Shuttle Tragedy
Hurricane Winds
Cool Spray
How Heat Moves
A Hot Change
Testing the Smoke Detector
Potato Polarity
Simple Electrolysis
Tired Metal
Hot Air Bottle
Is it Safe to Heat Water in a Microwave Oven?
Static Cling?
Water, Oil, and Ice
Sail Fans
Rubber Band Waves
A Cool Change
Sorting Salt and Pepper, How Many Ways?
Balancing a Meter Stick
Fish in a Bucket
More Fish in a Bucket
Sound Traveling
Newton's Laws
Light from a Lifesaver
Broadcasting Radio With Your Socks
Rubber Magnets
Stirring Sand
Why Fry?
Stirring Sand, part 2
Science Photos
Science Photo of the Day #973What would you have to do to also have equilibrium with water as a gas?
Science Photo of the Day #972If you refrigerate it at exactly 0°C (32°F), will the water freeze or will the ice melt?
Science Photo of the Day #961How does this lighter produce the spark to ignite the gas?
Science Photo of the Day #960What happens to the rest of the mass from the wood?
Science Photo of the Day #949How does a mustard plant survive subzero temperatures and snow?
Science Photo of the Day #948Is there anything besides light that travels at the speed of light?
Science Photo of the Day #946The storage bag did not weigh more when it when it was filled with air, but when I blew up this balloon, its weight increased.
Science Photo of the Day #945
Science Photo of the Day #944If I roll the ball around the paper plate in the direction of the arrow, which path will it take? A, B, or C?
Science Photo of the Day #942What common chemical is this? Hint: The colors are from polarizing filters. The crystals are normally clear.
Science Photo of the Day #941we have had several days with lots of sun and temperatures up in the 60's, there is still a lot of snow on the ground. Why?
Science Photo of the Day #940Imagine that you have two steel bars that look alike. One is a magnet and the other is not. Without using anything else (No pa
Science Photo of the Day #935Why are sparks of electricity purple?
Science Photo of the Day #932Are these single celled organisms plants or animals?
Science Photo of the Day #921A magnet does not attract the copper or zinc in a penny. Is there any US money that is attracted to a magnet?
Science Photo of the Day #920If cold water sinks, why does the ice form at the top?
Science Photo of the Day #919I weighted this bowl of water. If I stick my hand in the water, and weigh it again, will it weigh more? If so, how much more.
Science Photo of the Day #917Heavy water played an important role in the development of the atomic bomb. What is heavy water?
Science Photo of the Day #915What causes lightning to strike from one negatively charged cloud to another?
Lightning in Johnson CanyonLightning in Johnson Canyon