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How Far is That Planet?

This experiment comes from my new "How Do You Know That?" show. How do we know how far away the planets are? Did someone take a tape measure and stretch it from the Earth to each planet? Did someone get in their car and drive there, to check the mileage? No, but we still know how far away they are.

To see how this is done, we will need:

How Much Rain?

This week we were in Memphis, to help celebrate my grandmother's 104th birthday. My sister was in from California, and my brother was in town, and it was great fun visiting. I also went to lunch with some wonderful friends from the Memphis Pink Palace Museum. These are some of the folks that taught me how to teach science, and it is always a joy to visit with them.

For this experiment, we will measure some rain, and we will start by making a rain gauge.

A Cool Change

This time, we are going to look into the sciences of chemistry and energy. It may seem strange to be looking into two different areas of science, but it is not unusual for the areas of science to overlap.