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Who is Robert Krampf?

  • Biography

    My lifelong love of science began when I was five years old. Like many five year olds, I was obsessed with dinosaurs. I decided that when I grew up, I wanted to be a scientist and dig up dinosaur bones. I never outgrew that obsession, and it led me to a career in museum education, and eventually to digging dinosaur bones with several famous paleontologists, but that was only the beginning.

  • Why I decided to become a scientist

    A monster movie and two toys started my journey into science education, with a LOT of help along the way from my parents, mentors, and friends.

  • How I approach science and religion on this site.

    I get quite a few questions about this, so I put it into this video.

  • Our Home in Johnson Canyon

    The move from the beach in Florida to this canyon in Southwest Utah was a big change, and we are loving every minute of it.

  • Our Happy Animals

    Many of you have asked about the animals that periodically show up in my videos, especially in the bloopers, so I decided to put up a page to let you get to know them.