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Window Mouse

Hungry mouse eating moths.

Halloween Science

Halloween Science
Bleeding pumpkins, the Screamer, skeletons, and more.

Science Fair Resources

Science Fair Resources
Find a good topic, form a hypothesis, control groups, and more.

Introduction to Minerals

What is a mineral? How to identify common minerals.

Introduction to Rocks

What is a rock? Igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic, plus the rock cycle.

Science with a Microscope

Science with a microscope
Types of microscopes. Making wet and dry mounts. Explore microscopic life.

The Food Web

Food Webs
Producers, Consumers, Decomposers and more.

Test Your Knowledge

Earth science resources
Try some questions, to see how much you know about science.

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Fact Checking the Science

How can you tell if that story you saw online is based on accurate science? Here are some articles to help.

Find your State Science Standards

Listed by grade, showing which videos, experiments, etc. support each standard.