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Fact Checking the Science

With so much focus on the availability of science information in the news, I thought it would be worth while to feature some of my science fact checking articles and videos.

I will be adding more articles and videos on these topics, so check back periodically or follow The Happy Scientist on Facebook for notification of new resource.

General Science

What is Science?
Is Gravity a Theory or a Law?
When Does a Theory Become a Law?
Are You Selectively Anti-Science?

Fact Checking Science

I Saw It on the Internet!, part 1
I Saw It on the Internet!, part 2
I Saw It on the Internet!, part 3
I Saw It on the Internet!, part 4

Genetically Modified Organisms

Fact Checking GMOs

Climate Change

Weather and Climate


My Position on Science and Religion
Who Evolved on First?