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Today I was so busy having fun that I put off working on this week's experiment. I had several ideas bubbling around in my brain, but nothing quite came together. Then, as I often do when I am looking for an idea, I picked up the first thing I saw and began playing with it. It happened to be a bottle of liquid soap. I turned it over and watched as the bubble rose slowly through the thick liquid. I knew that I had this week's experiment. You will need:

What is Smoke?

I have been doing shows on the Science of Fire, so I thought we would do a fire related experiment.

As with all experiments that use fire, BE CAREFUL AND SAFE. Follow proper safety procedures and think about things before you try them. You should also have another adult with you, just in case you have an accident. That way, you have someone else to blame.

For our experiment, we are going to take a look at smoke. What is smoke made of? To find out, you will need:

Cleaning the Silver

This week's experiment is a simple chemistry experiment that you can use to clean the silver. Be sure to get permission before doing this. While it may seem a nice surprise, some silver is not meant to be cleaned, so be sure to ask first.


Pot of water
Heavy water played an important role in the development of the atomic bomb. What is heavy water?


Iron pyrite
This is iron pyrite, also known as "Fool's Gold." While it is not nearly as valuable as gold, it is a very useful mineral. What is it used for?