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Strange arthropod
This strange creature showed up in my office today. If you found one in your house, what should you do?


This amazing and frequently misunderstood creature is a Solifugid, also known as a wind scorpion (it is not a scorpion) or a camel spider (It is not a spider.) In spite of what you might read on the internet, it has no venom, and even the largest do not get bigger than 5 or 6 inches. This one is just over an inch long. They are ferocious predators, eating roaches, scorpions, spiders, and all sorts of other small creatures. If you find one, it means that there are probably enough small creatures in your house to make it a good hunting ground. You could either let it stay until it eats all your spiders, or you could put it outside, to eat the pests in your garden.

It is wonderful to watch them hunting. They hold their front lets out in front of them, almost like the pinchers of a lobster. Then they run madly around. I will try to get some video of that.