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Running horse
Running horses played an important role in the development of a very common, modern technology. What is it?


In 1872, former Governor of California, Leland Stanford made a bet with some friends. He claimed that there were times when a running horse had all four feet off the ground. In order to settle the bet, he hired Eadweard Muybridge, a famous photographer, to catch the moment when all four feet were off the ground. Over the next six years, Muybridge worked to develop a high speed camera that could capture a sharp image of a running horse. He placed twelve of the cameras along the race track, using strings stretched across the track to trigger the cameras. He succeeded in capturing a photo of the horse with all four feet off the ground, but he also wound up with a series of photos that could be flipped though rapidly to make it seem like a moving picture of a running horse. That lead Muybridge to continue using the process to photograph animals and people in motion, paving the way for the development of the movie industry.