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OK, a puzzle this time. Imagine that you have two steel bars that look alike. One is a magnet and the other is not. Without using anything else (No paperclips, iron filings, etc.) how would you be able to tell which is the magnet?


If you bring the ends together, they will stick, even if only one bar is a magnet. The trick is to remember that the magnetic field of a magnet is strongest at the north and south poles. The middle of a bar magnet is very weakly magnetic. Bring the end (either north or south pole) of bar 1 up to the middle of bar 2. If it sticks, then bar 1 is the magnet. The strong attraction of the end of the magnet sticks to the middle of the other bar. On the other hand, if it does not stick, then bar 2 is the magnet. You can test that by bringing one end of bar 2 near the middle of bar 1. The end of a magnet will attract the middle of a steel bar, but the end of a steel bar will not be noticably attracted to the middle of a magnet.