Cat Twisting

cat crouched in plants

At some time in your life, you have probably heard that in a fall, cats always land on their feet. Is that true? Well, usually it is. Cats have the amazing ability to turn themselves right side up as they are falling. That does not mean that a fall will not injure them. If you fell off a tall building, would landing on your feet keep you from being injured? No. The same is true for cats. Landing on their feet lets their legs flex to absorb some of the impact, and keeps the impact from directly hitting more delicate bones, but cats do not have any magical protection against injury from falling.

Safety Warning

Do not try dropping your cat! This is dangerous for both the cat (which can break bones and injure muscles) and for you (cats have sharp claws.)

What is amazing is the way that they perform this trick of landing on their feet. They do it by combining fast reflexes with the laws of physics.