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New Lens For My Camera!

A Coopers Hawk over our garden.

The past few months have been a challenge, dealing with the fatigue from my bout with Epstein Barr. I am trying to get more exercise to get my strength back, so Nancy suggested that I get a new lens for my camera to encourage me to spend more time walking. My favorite telephoto lens had finally worn out about 18 months ago, so I got a new Nikkor 80-400 mm telephoto lens. I have been giving it a good workout, and REALLY like it.

This Red Tailed Hawk was watching me while I was watching him.

Now that our weather is getting cold, there are a lot of hawks visiting the canyon, giving me plenty of opportunities to capture some nice photos. The hawks especially like sitting on the poles for the power lines, and sometimes it seems that there is one on every pole along the road.

A few of the Pinion Jays from the large flock that gobbles up the seed from our feeders.Between them and the squirrel, it is a wonder if any other birds get any.

The cold weather has also brought quite a few deer to the canyon, and they seem to know that they are safe here. They walk by the house every evening, and are not bothered at all by me approaching to take their picture.

Every evening we make the 1/4 mile walk to the mailbox and back, giving me plenty of opportunities to photograph the rabbits in our sagebrush.

Our furry friends are also giving me plenty of chances for testing the new lens. This is Little Bit, perching on a fence post at sunset.