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Sciencelog: 9 May 2016

A walk in the back yard may seem a simple thing, but it is always filled with wonders. The flowers are blooming, the hummingbirds are zooming, and the spring birds are arriving. Junie Moon and I took a walk along the cliff to enjoy the afternoon, and I managed to grab a few shots.

With the warm weather and rain, the plants are shooting up, including the iris by our hot tub.

The Rock Wrens were singing, and this one posed nicely on his rocky perch.

The treat of the day was a Wilson's Warbler who was flitting around in the cottonwood tree. He kept fluttering around, letting me get some interesting shots.

A bit of wing stretching.

Coming in for a landing.

Caught between flaps on his way to another branch.

I am still trying to get a shot of some of the other new birds. The Bullock's Orioles are back, along with the Western Tanagers and the Blue Grosbeaks. I just have to convince them to pose for me.