Smell the Flowers

The idea for this experiment comes from my wife, Nancy. I was sitting here at the computer, trying to decide what to write about when Nancy made a comment about how good the flowers on the table smelled. Nancy loves flowers, and always has lots of them around the house. That one whiff and this activity practically wrote itself.

If you are lucky enough to have flowers around your house, take a few minutes and smell them. If you don't have flowers around the house, you should be able to find a variety of flowers at your local grocery, hardware store, or nursery. Once you are surrounded by the flowers, take the time to sniff them, one by one. Keep track of your observations (sniffservations?) What did you notice?

You probably found that if you smell several different examples of the same kind of flower, they all smell pretty much the same. You also probably found that different varieties of flowers have very different smells. Why?