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Stroop Effect

The following test is a way to evaluate your executive functioning. What is the world is that? Well, it means how good you are at telling your brain what to do, even if it wants to do something else.

As you learned to read, your brain became "wired" to read, and it is something that most brains really like to do. As soon as you see a word, your brain goes into reading mode. What we are going to test is how good you are at overriding that, getting your brain to look at a word, and do something else instead of reading it. The Stroop test is used to evaluate decision making and dealing with multitasking, such as texting while driving.

This test could be turned into a science fair project by comparing the results of two different groups, such as first graders (who are just learning to read) and third graders (who are already "wired" to read. You might also test bilingual subjects, to see how they do with the words in two different languages. The language that they think in will probably be harder than the language they are learning.