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Trip to Town

Bald Eagle, a visitor to our canyon.

Because of our rural location, a trip to town for groceries is also a delightful opportunity for photography. Today was no exception. I managed to capture a few shots of the Bald Eagles that are winter visitors to the canyon. It would have been nice if they had come closer, but it was still a treat. No matter how often I see them, I still love watching them.

American Wigeons

There are a few small ponds along the road in the canyon, and this time of year they have quite a few ducks and geese. These are American Wigeons. The green on the heads of the males flashes as they move in the sunlight. At one angle, they are bright green, and at a different angle the green changes to grey. I also saw Mallards and Canadian Geese on the drive today.

Even the cows worked to make it an enjoyable day, having a parade across the fields for me.

Coopers Hawk

Lastly, this is another shot of the the Coopers Hawk that has been visiting our garden frequently.