USTA and the trip home

Waiting to start my Keynote speech.

What a wonder-filled week I have had! After an incredible day with the science folks at Brigham Young University, I had another marvelous day on Friday at the Utah Science Teachers Association Conference. I was honored to present the Keynote speech on the importance of fact checking, and then enjoyed a series of delightful sessions by other presenters. There are just not enough adjectives to describe this trip.

Geology on the sidewalk.

Even walking between my hotel and the conference center, I found some fun science. The rain had turned the sidewalk into a geology lesson, sorting sediments just like a laboratory stream table.

Heavier dark sand separated from the lighter quartz sand.

On Saturday, I presented a session on using a cell phone as a scientific instrument for a group of teachers in the Gear Up program, and then headed towards home in Johnson Canyon.

Igneous deposits along Highway 20

Along the way, I enjoyed the scenery, wildlife, and geology. At this road cut on Highway 20, between I-15 and Highway 89, I had to stop for some photos. The darker layer is the Buckskin Breccia, a layer of igneous rock from the early Miocene (about 20 million years ago). It is made up of chunks of igneous rock and volcanic ash.

Taking off can be an effort

Further along, I startled some ducks, and managed to get a few quick shots as they scattered.

Now I am back home, with Nancy and the critters, and am happy as can be. It is always a delight to talk with teachers and science folks, but it is also delightful to be back to our quiet, peaceful home in the canyon.