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These fossils of dinosaur tracks near Tuba City , Arizona are thought to be from Dilophosaurus. In the movie Jurassic Park, Dilophosaurus was the small dinosaur that had a frill on its neck and spat poison. Actually they grew up to 20 feet tall, and we have no evidence of either frills or poison. For size reference, the black object is my cell phone. Still, this dinosaur fit better into the movie than most of the others featured. Why?

Homemade Fossil Dig

Fossils are what lead me into my science career, and I still enjoy finding them. If you live near a place where you can dig for real fossils, you should definitely give it a try. If you do not have a fossil site nearby, you can simulate the experience with this simple activity.

My Position on Science and Religion

Because I run a science education website, I get quite a few emails from people wanting to know my position on evolution/creation, the age of the Earth, and similar topics. These are very important questions, and I thought that this video might help.

After you watch the video, if you still have questions, you are welcome to email me. While I don't participate in hostile conversations, I am always delighted to have rational discussions on these topics.