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Finding Answers

skeleton of a human hand

Now that we have a list of questions, it is time to find some answers. There are many different ways to find scientific answers, and we will be exploring several of them. Before we jump into experiments and scientific investigations, we should look to see if someone else has already answered our questions. I know that sometimes it is fun to explore on your own to find the answers yourself, but there will be times when it is helpful to know how to easily find scientific answers.

With the internet, you have access to more information than anyone in the past has ever had. The internet can be a wonderful tool, but the torrential flood of information can be overwhelming until you learn the techniques (and a few tricks) for dipping into that flood and quickly pulling out exactly the answer you are looking for. As with any skill, learning to quickly find exactly the information you need takes practice.

First, open up your favorite search engine. Google is the most popular, so I will be using it, but these techniques will work on other search engines too.

Next we want to select a question to research. Let's start with a simple question. How many bones are in your hand?

Now, if you happen to have a skeleton in your office as I do, then it would be easy to just count the bones. You could try feeling of your hand, but it is difficult to feel each individual wrist bone. We have the internet at our fingertips, so let's use it.

Start by typing in this: How many bones are in the human hand?

Look carefully at the results, and evaluate your answer before going on to the next page.